MakeUp in Paris, is the first event in Europe exclusively dedicated to the make-up industry.

MakeUp in Paris welcomed for the FIFTH YEAR in a row, on 12 and 13 June 2014 at the CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE in Paris, PROFESSIONALS from the FORMULATION and PACKAGING industry but also FULL-SERVICE specialists and DESIGNERS for the SATISFACTION of MARKETING, PURCHASING or RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT teams coming from Brands operating in the global sector of MAKE-UP.

MakeUp in Paris

- It is a MAKE-UP universe at the heart of Paris with its profusion of colours, its inventiveness, its beauty and youthfulness.

- Is also a LABORATORY where make-up ARTISTS, TECHNICIANS and TREND SETTERS mix together to develop products always more remarkable, and whose TALENT is directly staged on the very venue of the event in the form of make-up ANIMATIONS and as part of targeted CONFERENCES and of creation WORKSHOPS.

- It is of course a global platform to foster EXCHANGES between visitors and exhibitors who can carry on business in fully equipped SPACES, SHOW-BOXS and SHOWROOMS with their WARM and FRIENDLY atmosphere being another plus to guarantee some optimum CONTACTS and a particularly EFFICIENT level of business.